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untitledWell… unprepared – yes. Caught off guard? Not so much.

I mean it’s Wednesday. Wednesdays I write my Hump Day Chronicle post. Been doing that for a year.

So there’s nothing ‘caught off guard’  about it!

It’s my own fault. I knew Wednesday was coming, but every time I thought I should at least have a subject in mind, I just said nah and did something else.

Here’s the weird thing about that. I love writing these posts. I love that moment when I get an idea. Sometimes I get so excited I yell out YEAH and run to the desk to boot up my laptop so I can type my thoughts before they fly out the window. Sometimes I grab a pen and paper while the computer boots up (It’s so s-l-o-w) so I can capture the words even sooner!

It’s more typical for me to be writing a post and miss a dentist appointment, or forget to brush my teeth, or forget to eat, or forget to go to the bathroom.

So I don’t know what happened this time. I don’t know why I didn’t ‘get on it’  – I knew it was coming and did nothing. What can I say?

I can’t be the only slacker though. What aren’t you doing?