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A few years back I bought a long, down-filled coat that zips, then buttons, then snaps closed. It cost me a pretty penny. As soon as I bought it I felt guilty about spending so much money. In the time it takes me to put it on, I’m usually overheating and need to rush outside to cool down. It is the warmest coat I’ve ever had. It only ever gets cold enough to wear, maybe, three weeks a year.

Gusting winds and heavy snow

Gusting winds and heavy snow

When the blizzard, a potent mixture of moist air from British Columbia and an icy north wind, came in on Monday, I blessed the day I bought that coat!

Even with the coat, the strong winds blew icy snow into my face that burned like tiny embers from a fire. It’s cold!

I’ve been thankful that I don’t have to drive in this weather. It’s hard enough to walk! Some highways were closed down. And the town of Strathmore set up an emergency shelter and took in many stranded motorists.

The City of Calgary has quite the snow removal job ahead of them. One lady compared it to trying to clean the kitchen while the blender is running with the lid off. In some outer parts of the city, while they wait for city crews to show up in their neighbourhoods, people are shoveling each other out and those with 4-wheel drive are helping others get their vehicles out of snow banks .

It doesn’t surprise me though, as with the flood, when the poop (in this case snow) hits the fan, Calgarians seem to move into action!

The average temperature for this time of year is -1C (30F) The last couple of days we’ve been reaching lows of -30c (-22f) with the windchill. Although the cold temperatures will be sticking with us for the next several days, the storm has moved south to Montana (you’re welcome) before it comes back Canada way at the Manitoba border.


So how’s your winter going?