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I think it’s about time I update you on where I’m at with The Other Bottom Line.

A few months ago, it occurred to me that if I truly believe in engaging community I should get some people involved with the process. This has been an amazing experience for me and before I go much further I want to thank a few folks who have given me their feedback and have enthusiastically shared their ideas.

A big, heartfelt thank you to Pat, Jenalene, Del, Ian, Louise, Scott, Jody, Kathleen, Janet and all of you on WordPress who share your experiences and processes as you move toward your goals. Your participation has contributed to many of the steps and ideas below.

I’ve had a series of meetings over the last while with people to gather feedback and draw on their expertise to package The Other Bottom Line. The following items have been, or are in the process of being developed.

  • Identity of The Other Bottom Line (brand, aesthetics, aura, design)
  • the types of materials that need to be developed (presentation, leave behind, business cards)
  • content (words) to describe The Other Bottom Line, who I am (credentials, philosophy, methodology)
  • endorsements
  • identifying the target audience

Also, I got an email from a friend with the following ideas and offering to help:

  • consider writing blog content for companies and perhaps running their facebook and twitter marketing campaigns to supplement my income while I build The Other Bottom Line.
  • Get my own domain name
  • Make a short video that talks about services. Post the video to my site and YouTube.
  • find a potential client that will let me use their space to provide a free seminar/lecture for them in exchange for allowing me to invite others.

All fantastic ideas that now occupy my Ideas parking lot!

In October, I was invited to a meeting with a couple of consultants to discuss whether or not we wanted to respond to an RFP to help an organization on a development project. We have moved forward with a proposal, confidant that we can provide them with the deliverables they seek. We should be hearing back soon.

Whether we get the contract or not, I’ve learned so much through this process as well. For example, I now have a catalogue of the types of services I offer and estimated costs and timetables.

The Other Bottom Line website was launched on September 9, 2013 and since October 1, I’ve written a post every Tuesday on topics like: engaging the community, communications, philanthropic culture, etc.


Click on the above image to visit The Other Bottom Line

In an effort to increase traffic to The Other Bottom Line, I recently started following and interacting with other non-profit, Leadership and Entrepreneurial blogs. I am also employing social media to drive traffic to the site.

On November 5th Jody Spencer, the Founder of Because Edmonton Cares graciously wrote The Other Bottom Line’s first guest post. I hope to convince many others to write guest posts and added a page called Share Your Story  for those who would like to do so.

On November 12, a CEO from the UK reblogged one of my posts. It totally made my day!

My next steps include developing materials for The Other Bottom Line and testing the brand with trusted professionals.

In conclusion I am having so much fun working on something that I care so much about. It remains my hope that sharing my process will encourage and benefit others who are following their dreams. Well, what do you think?  Your feedback and ideas are valued and appreciated!


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