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I don’t know, but we’re having it! ~ Michaela Schwenkbluedress

We all think our own kids are pretty smart, right?

From the moment she could talk my daughter, Michaela was witty and often unintentionally funny.


Michaela had many ear infections when she was little. This led to many doses of antibiotics. And this led to diaper rash.

Once while applying Penaten cream (the best cure for diaper rash ever!) and putting a clean diaper on I said, “so how is your little buttocks now?”

“Butts don’t talk silly!”  she said laughing.rollerskating


I was in the shower once when I heard the phone ring. “Hello?”  I heard her say.

“Um, Mom can’t come to the phone right now, she’s naked.”


I’d scolded her, told her to get back to the table this instant.

Defeated she hung her head and started walking back.

“P.M.S.,”  she explained to a father and his kids having lunch.jump


One day, while planning her 5th birthday party, she said

“Mom, can Michael come to my birthday party?”

“Of course!”

“Great, cause we’re gonna have sex.”

“Oh really? What’s sex Michaela?”

“I don’t know, but we’re having it!”