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Nobody enjoys Canadian stereotypes more than Canadians.

Enjoying a Tim Horton's coffee and and muffin while rocking a togue!

Enjoying a Tim Horton’s coffee and muffin while rocking a togue!

We can laugh at ourselves.

We don’t have to take ourselves so seriously all the time!

Life is way too short to be offended by every little thing that every little someone says.

Today I would like to go over some of the more common stereotypes I’ve heard about Canadians.

We all wear toques

Um yeah! Nobody rocks a toque like a Canadian! When it’s cold outside they say 90% of our body heat escapes through our heads. Wearing a toque makes sense. If you’re ever somewhere cold, you should try it – it may even save your life!

We say “eh”

To be honest, I have spent a great many years trying not to say Eh. I’ve told people it’s not even said except when we want to entertain tourists. Truth is I say it. We all say it. So what? Americans say Huh and Right. British people say Yeah at the beginning of every sentence. Australians say Aye. So what’s the problem, eh?

We say aboot instead of about

Fiddlesticks! We say ABOUT – the rest of you say it funny!

We drink beer like it’s water

This is simply not true. Well unless we’re vacationing in the States because the beer there…well it tastes like water. Seriously, we also drink wine and spirits and the odd mason jar filled with potato moonshine!

We only care about hockey

Yeah ok. Pretty much. But don’t knock it until you’ve sat in a cold arena with your toque on, eating poutine and drinking beer while watching an exciting sit-at-the-edge-of-your-seat-cussing-like-a-trucker  game of hockey!

We all live in igloos, use dog sleds

Puh-lease! Seriously?

All of our police are Mounties

Admit it! You’re just jealous of our totally cool uniforms and musical rides!

The entire country is covered in snow and ice

True – we have a longer winter than some. But we do have 4 seasons and we find ways to enjoy all of them. For example in the winter I enjoy complaining about the cold, but I do it while rocking my toque!

But I draw the line at boring!

The other day I came across this story. An editorial by British street artist Banksy criticizes New York skyscraper One World Trade Center, and disses Canada in the process. In an op-ed meant for the New York Times but rejected by the paper, the anonymous artist slams the “shy skyscraper,” saying it looks Canadian. “That building is a disaster. Well no, disasters are interesting. One World Trade Center is a non-event. It’s vanilla. It looks like something they would build in Canada,” he wrote.  – source: Huffington Post. To see the complete article click here.

Canadian Buildings

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Oh Banksy.

Canada is a diverse nation whose citizens come from a variety of cultures. This is reflected in its many buildings; everything from skyscrapers, cathedrals, mosques, historical buildings to cultural structures and the aforementioned Igloos. Maybe, before you run around dissing Canada and calling us boring, you might want to come check us out in person.

Let me know if you can make it Banksy. I swear – you won’t be bored!

We’ll show you a good time and we promise not to yank a togue down over your face and tie you to the back of a sled being pulled by running dogs. 😉


Oh! I almost forgot! We say sorry a lot

I’m sorry if that bothers you. I’m sorry if this post offends you. I’m sorry about my sweeping generalization regarding truckers and their potty mouths. I’m sorry if I hurt your itty bitty feelings Banksy. Honestly, I didn’t mean it, eh.