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In an effort to bring business back to the Mission Area of Calgary, the 4th Street BRZ organized The 4th Street Block Party on Saturday October 19, 2013.sign

4th Street was closed to traffic from Elbow Drive to just about 12 Ave SW.

Although some businesses have been open for several months since the flood in June, they are not seeing the usual foot traffic in the area.

The 4th Street block party was organized as part of the yyc is open campaign to invite people back into the area.

I had hoped more people would have attended but it was a fun event and several restaurants that aren’t even re-opened yet were providing food to those who attended.

I had a lot of fun at the event which included music, food and various sales. I took full advantage of Twitter and tweeted out pictures, along with the best of them, inviting people to come down and check out the block party.

I’m a huge fan of supporting local business and think this event was a great idea. Please – if you’re a Calgarian, come back into the areas that were affected by the flood and support your local businesses.

The Urban Barn had a bed on display in the middle of the street! I was thinking what a great idea in case I become tired of walking!


There were several bands to enjoy, I only took a picture of these guys and (yikes) I cut the one’s head right off!


I was pleased to run into the president of the BRZ (far right) John Mar (middle), my ward’s Alderman… well he had been for two terms…he was not voted back in on our election 2 days ago. Thank you for your service to ward 8 John. You were always a wonderful support for housing for the homeless and I learned a lot in my time working with you to build a good neighbour agreement and engage our community.


Featured below, a volunteer reminding us to vote and strongly suggesting we vote for Mayor Nenshi again! Which I did and judging by the results, many others did as well.


I also saw these awesome vintage cars and various businesses displaying their wares.




Overall, I think Calgary is responding well to the needs that presented themselves in the aftermath of the flood. It is my hope that we continue to rally together to make our city better than it was before. Supporting local businesses is one of the ways we can contribute.