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I REALIZED THE OTHER DAY that I’m not lamenting the end of summer as I usually do…

The end of summer marks the beginning of fall

What lies on the other side of that gate?

Maybe it’s because I was able to spend every sunny moment of the summer enveloped in its warmth.

Maybe it’s because I am getting better at living in the moment and am enjoying this new season.

Maybe I finally realize that the end of one thing marks the beginning of a new thing; and that can be a good thing.

The passing of one glorious season leads to the birth of another.

All I have to do is walk through that gate and behold the beauty of what is.

So I’m letting go of summer and opening my arms and heart to embrace fall and all its beauty.


SOMETIMES WE HOLD ONTO the warmth and familiarity of yesterday…

Maybe we have wonderful memories that make us smile

or we remember loved ones who are no longer in our lives.

It is good to reflect and remember but we can’t live there forever.

Time goes on with or without us

and while we long for what was, what is  passes by without notice.

How sad and wasteful it is if in our yearning for what was  we miss the beauty of what is.

Just as with the passing of summer into the coming of fall, I rejoice that my yesterday, with its joys and sorrows, has brought me to today.

I want to embrace the beauty of what is.

How about you?

Below are some more photos I captured on my walk through my neighbourhood yesterday


Are you longing for what was?

or embracing what is?