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Oh brother!

I know, I know…

I may not be the most popular person for saying that I want our Canadian anthem to stay as it is.

But I am Canadian and entitled to my opinion.flag-of-canada

For those who aren’t aware this is what is happening. A group of prominent women are starting a campaign to change the line ‘in all thy sons command’  to a more gender-neutral phrase adapted from the 1908 version of our Canadian anthem.

Apparently our anthem was changed to the version we have today in 1913 to honour the soldiers being deployed in WW I.

Personally I’ve never been offended with the line; just as I am not offended by the term mankind  or mailman. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great deal of respect for the women who are starting this campaign.

But I like the traditional version. The version I sang at school. The version I sang in my Brownie Pack. The version we sing at hockey games. It’s what I grew up with. It reflects our history. It tells the story of our forefathers. It brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it – I am proud to be a Canadian.

I understand where the lady on the news is coming from when she says, “men wouldn’t stand for it if the line read ‘in all our daughter’s command’.” I can appreciate the woman on a talk show this morning who said. “Canada is diverse now. Many Canadians have come from other countries. Not everyone believes in G-O-D.”

Still If we change all thy sons and take God out of it. Maybe we also need to work on the line ‘our home and native land’ because a significant percentage of Canadians were not born in Canada. So… our home and chosen  land?

I don’t know. I like our anthem. I think it should stay the same. It links us to our history. It holds a place in my heart.

There’s a whole whack of other stuff we need to worry about like the US government shutting down.

I mean that’s gotta affect cross-border shopping, right??? 😉


O Canada we stand on guard for thee

Where do you stand on the proposed changes to the Canadian anthem?

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