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Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer. ~ Andre A. Jackson

You have a dream, a vision of what can be.

Image by Kaiser.net

Image by Kaiser.net

Some folks who mean well will believe in you, in your gifts and share your vision of the future.

They may even come alongside you to help bring it to fruition.

Others who also mean well may try to reason with you, they’ll tell you it’s too difficult, maybe impossible.

This often comes from a place of genuine concern, they want you to take the road well-travelled, to get your head out of the clouds, they want you to be OK.

And others may want you to just plain fail for their own personal reasons.

Words are powerful.

They have the power to encourage and discourage.

When a dream matters to you, I mean really matters – it is likely to be an uphill battle – brace yourself.

If you decide to follow your dream, have courage and stay focussed.

It’s just when you think you can’t press on, that you are standing on the threshold of realizing your dream.


Don’t give up