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As you read this I have already landed in Quebec and may have travelled as far as the border of Quebec and Ontario.

Yes, I have returned to the great land of Maple syrup.

The land of fabled characters like Bonne Homme de Neige and Justin Trudeau.

The land where I grew up and partied hard on St. Jean de Baptiste Day and largely ignored Canada Day.

The land where the letter H is strangely silent – until, of course it’s not called for.

The land where tout la gang parle Francais et Anglais, les deux langues du Canada!

Yes I am, as you read this, within an 1 1/2 hour drive of our nation’s capital where our nation’s leader Stephen Harper declared that occasionally he Twerks with Obama.

Relax…relax, he meant tweet – mon Dieu!

But just in case you are concerned, the word from the White House is that Obama does not twerk!

Too bad – I think that would be kinda awesome….

Speaking of twerking (nice segue eh?)  My daughter posted the following picture on facebook the other day.miley

To which I promptly responded with a text to her. diana miley

To which she promptly responded “FACEBOOK!” and posted my text.

Well my friends as I re-visit the land that made me who I am today, I wish you peace and joy.

Know that even though I won’t be nosing around your posts for a week or so I will be thinking of you and missing you.

To end this post, let me leave you with the following video that (in all fun) pokes fun at Quebec.

A bientot mes amis!