I don’t remember how I found Sedge  at Noir  but I enjoy his photography immensely. He says this blog is a tribute to his darker side although I haven’t made that connection; maybe he sees black and white photos as darker. I don’t know and perhaps it’s not important to know. 🙂

In Sedge’s own words:

i started taking photos in 2009. before that i wasn’t interested in photography at all.
i was a victim of crime (at the time) and needed to get evidence for police. my mobile phone took crap photos so i bought a cheap point and shoot camera.
i soon discovered that i enjoyed it and had a flare for it as well.
i’m mostly an urban photographer, but will take photos of pretty much anything.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

A beautiful photo and poem pay tribute to the street café… who knows, perhaps one day we’ll all meet there…

Go ahead and visit the link below

and tell Sedge Diana sent you…

Street Cafe by Noir


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