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Macleod Trail and 17th Ave SW

Macleod Trail and 17th Ave SW

Wow! This is 12 to 15 blocks from my place! My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected here in Calgary and surrounding communities. My neighbourhood is fine right now and I’m thankful for all those who have been asking about me. I want to say a big thank you to the City of Calgary – they are working their tails off. Last night I took a walk up to the 4th street bridge on Elbow Drive. I understand that the barriers they were building did not withstand the rising waters. The mayor is asking people to stay home and out of the downtown so the city can do their job. Please heed this advice.

The above is my facebook status this morning.

Southern Alberta Flooding 2013.

Calgary and surrounding communities are experiencing flooding that exceeds the flood of 2005. The  TransCanada Highway is closed between Canmore and Banff and Canmore’s Cougar’s Creek has become a raging river. High River south of Calgary is completely under water. Other surrounding areas are also affected with devastating floods.

In Calgary, many of the communities around my neighbourhood have been put under mandatory evacuation. So far my community is still fine. The largest homeless shelter in Canada is being evacuated as I write. A thousand Drop In residents are walking over the bridge to the Bridgeland community.

I am in shock at the devastation in my city and surrounding areas. Out my window I hear helicopters and sirens continually. It feels like a Stephen King movie. It is so surreal. I am including a link to a compilation of videos taken across southern Alberta below.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.