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Before I get too deep into this post I want to explain something. I’m not an artist, but I know when I like a painting. And I’m not an author but I can appreciate a good book. I’m also not a musician but I know good music when I hear it. Or as I used to say as a teenager, I may not be able to make a watch, but I can tell the time!

Off and on since I was 16 years old I’ve dreamt of owning my own bar.

I think it’s the social aspect, the idea of people gathering and enjoying each other’s company that appeals to me.

Over the years, what that would look like has changed many times, yet the idea of owning a bar has continued to visit me from time to time.

Maybe one day I will own one. Maybe I won’t – but either way I want to share the following concept with you and hear what you think.

About a year ago I came up with a conceptual idea for what this bar would look and feel like. The following song would be the indicator that the entertainment is about to begin.

And that’s why I would call my bar The Hole in the Wall.  Imagine if you will; a red brick building. On the outside wall, a mural that looks like bricks have been knocked out and left a hole that allows you to peer inside to see the silhouette of a band and folks dancing. There would be plenty of parking and an outdoor courtyard to cool off from all the dancing you would do.

Me and my friend Sandra out and about at some dancing joint.

Me and my friend Sandra out and about at some dancing joint.

Inside is a big open space with an elevated stage large enough to accommodate a 7-man band. The stage overlooks a large dance floor with plenty of room for people to dance. Tables would seat six and it would be the norm to expect people you don’t know to sit with you if you and your guests are not taking up the entire table.

The Hole in the Wall would not have a restaurant. We know you get hungry so to sate your appetite and save ourselves the hassle of cooking, we would promote our neighbouring eateries by providing their take-out menus at each table.

That’s right – just pick up your iPhone and call your favourite restaurant and have them deliver to your table!

The motto of the bar would be: For the love of people, great music and dancing

For the love of people

I would want to create an unpretentious and relaxing atmosphere – a place where everyone would feel comfortable, regardless of age or station in life. A place where you could spend time with your adult children – where all of you would have fun together – imagine that!

The Hole in the Wall would hire staff that are energetic, fun-loving people lovers! It would be more important to be relational than to have previous experience. Bar-related skills can be taught!

Philanthropy would be highly encouraged and expected. Staff would have opportunities to share the causes they believe in and engage with charities to organize regular fundraisers that not only raise funds but provide opportunity for organizations to volunteer at the event and engage with patrons.

Because we love people, alcohol consumption would be monitored. The Hole in the Wall is not about getting drunk, it’s about enjoying the music, dancing and the company of good friends. Don’t be surprised if we bring you a glass of water or a cup coffee with a kind word to encourage you to slow down. Sound unusual? I’ve seen it work in other places!

For the love of great music

The Hole in the Wall would strive to make a name for itself by attracting the best blues and jazz bands for the weekends. These bands would love the large stage and acoustics and would be compensated well. During the week, The Hole in the Wall would be a place where talented ‘up and comers’  could become known and kick off their careers.  Who knows perhaps The Hole, as it will be affectionately called, will become so well-known that professional artists will sneak in for impromptu sets after their concert at the Saddledome!

For the love of dancing

Does it matter if you can dance? Nah, as long as you’re having fun – that’s what it’s all about!

Maybe organized acitivities could include riding bikes that are too small for you?

Maybe organized activities could include riding bikes that are too small for you?

Whether you’re a trained dancer or just a hotdogger like me, if you love to dance – The Hole in the Wall would be the place for you. We won’t judge you!

The Hole in the Wall would be a safe and fun place to dance and enjoy a night out. During the day we would organize fun activities like they do at resorts. If you can’t laugh at your best friend making a fool of himself, who can you laugh at?


What do you think?

Would you come to a place like the Hole in the Wall?