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Looking for God–or Heaven–by exploring space is like reading or seeing all Shakespeare’s plays in the hope that you will find Shakespeare as one of the characters ~ C.S. Lewis

If C.S. Lewis knew what heaven was like, could he describe it to me?

Would it be akin to me describing summer to someone who has never seen the light of day?

Someone who lives in a controlled environment and is limited by his experiences?

Which words could I use to describe the warmth of the sun on my skin

the glare of the sun in my eyes

the itch of a mosquito bite

or the way the breeze feels when it blows through my hair.

Words would not suffice.

I suppose I could rub his arm until his skin heats up so he could feel warmth on his skin.

I could shine a bright light into his face until he shields his eyes.

I could lightly skim his arm with a feather until he scratches himself.

And madly fan him with a piece of paper until his hair moves.

But that wouldn’t even begin to describe the glory of summer, would it?

birds, surfers and sunset