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The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud. ~ Bette Davis

You know what to do

You’ve known it for some time

You can clearly see it

It is as real as if it already exists

You can feel it

pump through your veins

making your heart jump with anticipation

Your excitement builds

You are fueled with passion

You are more alive than you’ve ever been

You are filled with hope and purpose

And it will be

And you will create it

And you will speak it


But you’re alone

And your own thoughts now betray you

Do others not look at you as if you’re crazy?

What are you thinking?Speak_the_Turth_Even_if_Your_Voice_Shakes

Exactly who do you think you are?

It will never be

Why bother trying

You are being foolish

It’s better to conform

To play by the rules


It’s more important now than ever before

To gather up your courage


Because just when it seems the bleakest

Because just when you are most afraid

You are closer than you know

Find your voice

And have confidence

And trust your instincts

And speak even if your voice shakes