She courageously shares her battle with cancer and applies a ‘learning’ slant’ to all of her life experiences. I like how she talks about scars – the ones you can see and the ones you can’t  see – the physical ones and the emotional ones. Her positivity and outlook on life are inspiring and that’s why I follow Misifusa’s blog The Presents of Presence.

In her own words, Misifusa says:

A Journey of Endurance…that about says it all for me. I’m an 11 year breast cancer survivor, having been diagnosed on New Year’s Eve of 2001. I’ve witnessed first hand the ravages of cancer amidst family drama. Life is about the now, not the past, not the future. You can learn so much by watching reruns of the past and developing plans for the future, but the most important is The Presents of Presence. There’s a lot to be said for having cancer and surviving. Life changes once you’ve faced death and it’s for the better. So let me begin by telling you my story…

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Misifusa asks us who we would swap lives with for a day if we could and why.

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