I’m not sure how I found tersiaburger but I began to follow her blog right away. She has courageously shared her experience of her daughter Vic’s journey of dying and continues to celebrate Vic’s life and the way she touched the lives of so many. I am sure that Tersia’s blog has been a source of strength for others who have suffered the loss of their children. Hers is a sacred journey, one that I feel honoured to be a part of in this online community.

In her own words, Tersia says:

So many of my cyber friends have lost their children…these women and men have supported and guided me on my journey with Vic and held my hand in the early days of my grieving and heartache… They KNOW my pain.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

I don’t tell a lot of people this (Tersia’s journey gives me the courage to do so) 20 years ago I gave birth to a stillborn son, Jesse. In this post Tersia shares a lovely poem and dedicates it to all parents who have lost their children. It touched me deeply.

Go ahead and visit the link below

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