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“Welcome to Ralph’s World.” – Ralph Klein Speaking to supporters on election night in March, 2001, on winning a third consecutive majority government.

I met him once.

He came down to visit us during our shine-a-thon fundraiser.

I gave him a tour.

He gave me one of those warm smiles he was so famous for.

On Friday my city honoured a man who served as the Mayor of Calgary for nine years and as the Premier of Alberta for fourteen years.

Ralph died last week and will be remembered affectionately by Calgarians, Albertans and Canadians alike.

Ralph Klein at Metro Restaurant

Ralph Klein at Metro Restaurant (Photo credit: Urban Mixer)

He led Alberta out of debt.

Has any other politician ever even done that?

Did I always agree with his cut backs? Hell no!

Am I even a consertative? No way!

Did I respect and like Ralph? I sure did!

Ralph was a man of the people.

He shot straight from the hip and did what he said he would do.

I call that integrity.


“I wonder what he meant when he said that,” said of Ralph by no one – ever!

Ralph Klein memorial service