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I’ve compiled some tidbits for your reading pleasure on my Easter trip to Camrose, Alberta to see my daughter.

Riptors, their mating habits and other fascinating facts

I always stay at the Ramada in Camrose when visiting my daughter because they have a swimming pool and we both love the water.

We also both love making up stories.

The rare and elusive Riptor

The rare and elusive Riptor

On a previous visit I pretended I was a raptor while running under water with my upper body leaning forward and my hands looking like I imagine a T-Rex’s hands look, only I said Riptor instead of Raptor.

Michaela thought that was hilarious and immediately corrected me – a favourite pastime of hers.

So on this Easter visit we pretended we were British documentary narrators informing the public on the elusive and rare Riptors only our British accents sounded half Australian so we invented Braustralia a country where incidentally, the rare Riptors live and mate (rather brutishly, making the mating of sharks seem rather tame) and also commented on how they wean their young.

“What? Wait. Wean? Michaela Riptors don’t nurse their young!”

Really Mom? Riptors aren’t real!”

The Feature Nail

I never paint my fingernails because the moment I wash dishes or do anything whatsoever they chip. But Michaela wanted to paint my nails because “they look fake” they’re naturally long.

Why is that one nail a different colour?”

The Feature Nail

The Feature Nail

“That’s the feature nail.”

“Why can’t my middle finger be the feature nail so I can show it to people in this way…?”


“Just asking…”

Timmy Run

I’ve never let Michaela drive my car, but on this visit I really wanted a Timmy’s coffee but I was already in my sweats and didn’t want to go out.

“Geesh Mom, I’ve been driving for a year, I’ll make a Timmy’s run.”


Well the earth didn’t implode and no one was maimed and I got a Timmy’s coffee.

Maybe I need to acknowledge my baby girl is all grown-up now?


I bought Michaela and me matching shoes, TOMS to be exact. They are very comfortable and when you buy a pair the company also gives a pair to a child in Haiti or some other tropical place.

Yup, they even travel there and hand-deliver them – I’ve even seen pictures of smiling children wearing them!

It got me thinking…what kind of company could I start where I could charge somebody double for something and then personally deliver the same thing to someone else who lives by a tropical ocean?




My daughter bought a bunch of bracelets that all said different things on them and gave me the one that says Peace.

Because Mom, I think that peace suits you.”

Easter Dinner

Michaela and I were invited to a most delicious Easter dinner at her Dad’s house.

Who says exes can’t get along, especially when there is a home-made meal involved!


You know…every time I see my daughter I’m struck with what a beautiful and smart young woman she is.

I just know she is going to make a mark on this world!

How did you spend your Easter?