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Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels ~ Faith Whittlesey

When I was younger I often wished that I had been born a man.

Local women who changed the world

As a transplanted Albertan, I am immensely proud of these local women who changed the world.

I was convinced that women could not be leaders in the world.

I doubted anyone even took women seriously.

Today I know that this is simply not true.

I have met many women who have changed the world.

Women who have worked tirelessly to turn their vision into reality.

Perhaps the most unrecognized of these are moms who have taught their children to believe in themselves and their dreams.

March is Women’s History Month in the USA, UK and several other countries.

And to honour Women’s History Month I want to celebrate women…

Enjoy this video

A 2011 Royal Commonwealth Society Youth Vision Entry

Film, production and animation by Raiya Jessa


Do you know an amazing woman?

I’d love to hear about her!

There really is no shortage of women who have changed the world.