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To live in the hearts of those we love is never to die ~ Thomas Campbell

I remember walking with you early one morning.cobblestone

My hand in yours we chatted about nothing and everything on the cobblestone road.

Brotchen for breakfast and a beer in a paper bag

Shh,” you told me, “…it’s our secret.” – I nodded my reply.

I remember sitting at your feet asking questions

listening to your stories, absorbing every word.

Hungry for the old stories about the war

About our family history.

I wished we didn’t live so far apart.

Yet my memories are so precious and held treasured in my heart

I remember your face, how small in stature, how thin you were

and how you amazed me that time you walked up the stairs on your hands.

The sound of your laugh and how your eyes twinkled.

I remember the last time I saw you

As our taxi pulled away

I turned and looked out the back window

You stood in the middle of the road

Crying as if you knew it was goodbye.


That was so long ago but sometimes I still miss you Opa