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A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. ~ Christopher Reeve


Wanted – Superheros – Apply Inside

Why do we feel we need a hero to swoop in and simply state what needs to be done…

bring us to that eye-opening A-HA moment that leaves us wondering ‘why the heck we didn’t see it before’?

The truth is that every hero is a human being.

We all have the capacity to achieve wondrous things.

So If we are inspired and have visualized what could be, shouldn’t we just act?

I once read a quote that said something like, ‘the vessel that has received the vision is the best vessel to carry it out.’

Still we search for that mystical, enlightened, god-like individual who will take us by the hand

and lead us like trusting children to the land of milk and honey.

Why do we do that?

Is it fear of failure?

Is it just easier to accept things as they are?


No, I don’t think that is true, do you?

The world doesn’t need a superhero, it needs you.