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Some of you had asked me to share how I spent my birthday; OK one of you asked me. (Thanks B!)This is the last post about my birthday – I promise!


Because it was my birthday on Valentine’s Day I decided to take Thursday and Friday off and Monday was Family Day here in Alberta. I ended up with 5 days off for my birthday.

Thursday, the day of my birthday, I had a dentist appointment because I’d lost a filling. It turns out I need to get a crown so after the dentist smoothed the sharp edges I booked another appointment for March. Happy Birthday to me!!!


Later I enjoyed a lovely lunch  at the lovely Deanne House in Inglewood with Kathleen, a friend who used to be my EA at a previous job.

The one thing I really miss about my old job is the group of people who used to make up what I called my ‘Dream Team.’ Kathleen had spoiled me rotten; she really took care of me in those days. Thanks so much for a lovely lunch Kathleen!


I got home around 1:30 and within a few moments my doorbell rang. I opened the door and there was this 6’4” cowboy looking guy with a box.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a box,” he said.

“For me?”

“Yup, can you print your name here?”


“You know,” he said observing my excitement, “they always act surprised, but if you don’t get them flowers, there’s hell to pay!”

I chuckled to myself thinking he probably had forgotten to give his girlfriend flowers for Valentine’s Day, said goodbye and shut the door.

I couldn’t believe someone sent me flowers and couldn’t imagine who they could be from. I opened the box to discover they were from my friends Annie and George who live in Scotland. The flowers were accompanied by such a beautiful note! It made me cry – you made my day A & G – thank you so much!


Friday was my day to rest and get ready for the visit from my daughter and her tribe (her friends). They arrived late Friday night (I was already sleeping) and I awoke to find them all safely here Saturday morning.

We hung out for the day and got ready for the big night out. I had reserved the loft, overlooking the stage and dance floor at the Ranchman’s Bar and Dance Hall. (I highly recommend booking your event here) There were 15 of us there and we enjoyed a night of dancing and celebrating.

Many of you already know that I love dancing.

I like letting the music move me.

It was Michaela though who wowed us with her dancing prowess, having learned two-stepping and other ‘dance moves’ in high school – wish they’d done that when I went to school!

I had an awesome time!

Thank you Adele, Carmen, Julie, Sandra, Norm, Helga, Tammi, Derek, Paula, Del, Cherie, Michaela, Jayden and Katrina for helping me celebrate my milestone birthday – the big 5-0!

Also a special thank you to Jason, our bartender who took care of us for the night.

I wish I had more photos to share with you!

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Turning 50 ain’t so bad when you’re blessed with dear family and friends 😉

How did you/do you plan to spend your ‘half a century’ birthday?