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Tomorrow I turn 50 – where has the time gone?

I’m surprised, but I’m actually OK with it.

If I had an opportunity to be 25 again, I don’t think I would take it.

I like where I am in my life. And maybe that’s one of the secrets to happiness.

It gets a little dangerous with this many candles!

It gets a little dangerous with this many candles!

On Monday night I was talking to my uncle from Germany and he told me that turning 50 is a big deal in Germany, like the ‘no turning back’ point or the pinnacle of life, the half-way milestone so to speak.

Well my friends, on the eve of the end of my 40’s, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who shared the ways they give or pledged to give in honour of my birthday on my post here.

Some of you made a donation to the cause you believe in and some even donated to the place I work!

It really does mean the world to me. I learned a lot about you.

You also pointed out that there are many other ways to give as well and I whole-heartedly agree!

Thank you for the lovely gift of “YOU”

In an effort to take away the sting of my ‘no turning back now’ milestone, here’s a birthday poem I found online – with my responses in brackets. It is one of many that won a contest about turning 50.

Happy Half 100

              by Kayla Metoxen                    (Green Bay, WI, USA)

Turning 5-0 is nothing to fear! (I bet a 25 year old wrote this)

It all goes downhill from here. (going downhill is easier than trudging uphill right?)

You’ll soak your teeth next to your bed (I’m hanging on to my teeth – thank you very much!)

You’ll thin out atop your head (luckily I’m blessed with lots of hair)

You’ll slow down and hate loud things. (except when I’m cranking Santana while doing housework)

Your underarms will look like wings. (Yeah, that happened a while ago)

You’ll never have to wait in line. (In what universe?)

You’ll even make a Tom Jones shrine! (I don’t think so!)

Happy half a hundred! (Thank you!)

Happy Half a lifetime! (Oh Shut Up!)

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Totally unrelated, I saw this video on facebook the other day and it really moved me, I just had to share it with you.

It’s well worth the 10 minutes it takes to watch.