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Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God ~ Karl Barth

LOL is a common internet slang these days.kids-laughing

Yet have we forgotten how truly marvelous it is to laugh out loud?

Remember all that laughing and giggling we did as kids?

Belly laughs that had us clutching our stomachs as we fell to the floor with tears streaming from our eyes?

Why do we beat ourselves up when we do stupid things instead of laughing it off?


Back in the day, I attended a small community church in BC.

I learned to play guitar and sometimes led the singing.

On one occasion a guitar string broke and I announced,

Oh shit my G-string broke!

As soon as the words left my mouth I was mortified.

My face reddened.

I felt stupid.

But out in the audience people fell off their chairs in hysterical fits of laughter.

Sure I laugh about it now

but I wish I’d been able to laugh then.

I want to be able to laugh at myself now – not 20 years later.

Because odds are I’ll do something stupid again.


When did you last laugh?