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Every now and then I head on over to the Freshly Pressed tab.

Heck, that’s where I found and followed some of you!

I love how surprised most of you were – and each of you deserved that limelight as far as I am concerned!

Some of us who have never been freshly pressed hang on to the hope that one day it could happen to us. I once dreamt that I had been freshly pressed and was totally overwhelmed with all the comments flooding my inbox!


If you’ve been following my blog, you already know that I feature someone’s blog every week on My Friday Pick. Recently when I did so, the featured blogger told me that he felt as though he’d been freshly pressed. I flippantly responded with something like ‘hardly’ and he immediately shot back with, “…it means more coming from someone who knows me…”

Well hang on to your hats kids!

There’s something new in the blogosphere and it’s a way for you to showcase your own work.

A way for you to share with a larger audience the work you are most proud of while sharing the post of another that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Let me explain…

Several months ago, Slapppshot invited all his followers to post, not necessarily their most read post, but their personal favourite post. Check it out here!

I thought this was a most wonderful idea and very generous of him to do so. I pasted a link to a post  where I had written about the true definition of wealth in his comment section.

Well wouldn’t you know it. Reader’s Choice came along and spotted the post on Slapppshot’s blog with all its submissions and thought it was a great idea.

Welcome to Reader's Choice, a WordPress site spreading the message of community by offering it's readers to share their best work.

Welcome to Reader’s Choice, a WordPress site spreading the message of community by offering its readers to share their best work.

They invited Slapppshot to write their inaugural post and this sweet Swedish man highlighted the post I had shared on his blog all those months before!

Now Reader’s Choice is inviting all of you to submit your favourite post.

Maybe you wrote a post that didn’t quite get all the attention you think it deserved. Or you are new to WordPress and could use some more company. Or you’re itching to enlarge your on-line community.

Reader’s Choice is a wonderful blog built on an idea that Slapppshot had way back when…

You can read their guideline here!

So what are you waiting for???

Check out Reader’s Choice here and start to follow them immediately!

Oh, before I conclude this post, because Slapppshot blessed me out of my socks with this lovely gesture, I’m gonna put in another plug for him (I say another, because he was my Friday Pick 8 once upon a time).

Go ahead. He’s an awesome guy. He’s funny as all hell and he has a heart of gold.

Check out my friend Slapppshot and if you like what you see, follow him.

I did!


I’m looking forward to reading your favourite post on Reader’s Choice!