Whether jensinewall is writing a film review or sharing tidbits of her daily life, I think you will agree she is one interesting person and a heck of a writer. I always look forward to seeing her posts on my reader.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In her own words, jensinewall says:

I am a writer, designer and creative thinker living and working in Dublin. My multi-cultural background is as unique as my name and as a single bilingual I sometimes see the world from a slightly different perspective. This helps me in my job(s) as a art-director, a journalist and a lecturer to come up with new ideas to make the mundane interesting.

In this post jensinewall talks about the 3 kinds of tears we shed. I found this post utterly fascinating and it just goes to show how intricately we are made.

Go ahead and visit the link below

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A silent tear by jensinewall


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