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Just look where you want to go ~ Dadbehindthewheel

I have a hard time turning my mind off, particularly when I’m stressed.

I lay there in bed trying to sleep, but my mind is churning with concerns, a lot of which I can do nothing about.

Something that seems to work for me is to think about where I want to go or someone I care about and pray a blessing for them.

This way I focus my thoughts on what I want not on how I want to turn my mind off.

It really works for me and I fall asleep.

Don’t feel pressured by the guy behind you – he can always pass you.

You know what I’m talking about right?

You’re moving along at your own pace and there is someone over your shoulder telling you to hurry up or do it another way.

It can really throw you off your kilter.

Just let them pass – it’s ok.

Signal where you’re going.

Let people know where you’re going.

Who knows – some may even climb in with you and help you get there!


Where do you want to go?

What’s stopping you?