I apologize for the irregularity of my posts and I have missed reading all of your posts as well…

Getting ready for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas

It’s been awesome to be with my family for the holidays and pictures will come in the next few days. šŸ™‚

Man a week goes so fast!

Tomorrow we head back to Calgary already.

We’ve had a blast though.

Me, Oma and Michaela did an umm Schwenk version of Gangham Style (or whatever it’s called) on Christmas Day.

Poor Opa took one look and decided it was time to leave the room!

Presents were distributed.

Great food (Roladen on Christmas Eve and Turkey with all the trimmings on Christmas Day) and more breakfasts than I usually eat in a year were consumed.

The truth is though, all that really matters is that we are all together.

I will be back with my regular posts within the week but in the meantime…

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and wish you all the best for 2013!

love and stuff,