I’m part way through reading these stories. I have laughed, nodded my head in agreement and shed a tear or two of empathy. I love stories and women tell the best stories – stories of the heart. I think this book would make a great gift and I am thrilled that it supports an important cause.


It’s CyberMonday; the day we’re supposed to shop on-line. Since that’s the ONLY way to get copies of Tangerine Tango Women Writers Share Slices of Life , here’s your chance to be part of the national marketing craze, support a good cause, and get some perfect little gifts.

For this week’s tiny taste of Tangerine Tango, I selected excerpts from essays about parents.  Though I didn’t give the writers any themes, many wrote about lessons and advice received from their mothers and fathers.

From Donna K. Barry’s “Tending: A Daughter’s Tale”

…From the time I was old enough to walk I spent my early days following Daddy around the yard. Each summer evening after supper, he’d leave the inside work behind and tend the flowers and garden. Never mind that he’d just spent all day working in someone else’s greenhouse – this was the work he loved. We’d putter…

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