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And now I’ll always have a piece of you ~ Michaela Schwenk

Another one? Seriously?


Careful you don’t want to go overboard.

I mean, sure you like them now but…

what about when you’re older…

…when you’re older and you want to wear an elegant gown and all these tattoos are peeking out everywhere?

What then?

They’re addictive Mom! I love them!

Well, do they at least have meaning for you?

You don’t want this many, do you?

Are they significant in some way?


And I’m thinking about getting my nose pierced too!



Well maybe you should send me a picture of youย so that I recognize you the next time I see you!


That was a month ago…

Friday night my BlackBerry pinged its alert for an incoming text

A photo actually

from my daughter

A photo of her latest tattoo

of words I’d written

and in my hand-writing.

Wow! (I text back)

I’m touched

It’s the most meaningful thing anyone’s ever given me!

Now I’ll always have a piece of you mom ๐Ÿ™‚

but man it hurts!

Yeah, well, sometimes love hurts, Iย text backย whileย wiping away a tear…