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Happy Halloween!

Although I’m way past dressing up these days, Halloween brings back many fond childhood memories that mostly ended with mountains of chocolate, chips and candy.

I can understand the appeal of Halloween. I mean you can totally re-invent yourself – if only for a day.

You’ve always wanted to be a sexy movie star?

Well dress up as Marilyn Munroe!

Or maybe you wish you’d been a cop.

There’s a costume store out there somewhere with a uniform for you!

Wondering what it’s like to be a rock star?

Well today’s your day – rock on!

On the subject of re-inventing yourself, check out the pictures I took just 18 days ago during our annual Zombie Walk.

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Calgary has re-invented itself since that day too. I’m now living in a Winter Wonderland!


Although it is true that I’m way past dressing up, I’m still a big fan of re-inventing one’s self.

Every now and then, one gets the chance to re-invent themselves for good. I’m one of those lucky ones.

When I first moved out west, it was a second chance for me – an opportunity to totally re-invent myself.

No one knew me in BC. No one had any preconceived ideas about me.

You see, I didn’t make very good choices as a younger person.

I got caught up in some questionable and even dangerous situations.

I did some things that I’m not very proud of.


Still, looking back, I’m not sure that I’d change anything because those experiences are a big part of what’s made me who I am today.

Moving out west gave me a ‘Do Over.’ It gave me a blank slate, a start-from-scratch new life.

Every day I am grateful for that.

And for the people who saw something good in me and believed in me.

Maybe that’s why it’s so important to me to make a difference.

Maybe that’s why I want others to get a second chance, a life make-over, if you will.

I am very fortunate to have had the chance to re-invent myself – given a chance to be authentically me

to reflect on the outside who I truly am on the inside

without the pressure of living up to some image I had created.

Authentically is how I choose to live my life now

with peace in my heart…

a clear conscience…

and a desire to build healthy community…

to facilitate an environment where others get a second chance to discover who they truly are

and gain the respect of their peers, while contributing to society in their corner of the world.


I believe in second chances because it made a difference in my life and and in the lives of others.

Have you ever wanted to re-invent yourself?

Are you living authentically and being who you truly are?