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“Wisdom often lurks beneath a tattered coat.” ~ Caecilius Statius

It was a bitterly cold winter day.

The kind of day where I just wanted to stay in bed.

But it was a work day so I got my coffee, showered and dressed in layers – lots of layers!

I reluctantly went outside to start my car.

It took a couple of tries.

I was shivering and chilled to the bone.

I cursed the morning and muttered something about hating winter.

A few moments later I headed to work.

Once parked, I got out and began to walk the one block to my office.

I planned to walk fast, so as to spend the least amount of time outdoors.

But my path was blocked by a homeless man coming toward me.

He was struggling to push his shopping cart through the snow.

“Move!” I silently screamed.

As if in response, the man threw his hands into the air, turned his face up to the sky and said, “Isn’t it glorious?”

“Isn’t what glorious?” I snapped with irritation.

“The sun,” he replied.

It’s all about attitude

Have you ever been freed of petty grumblings by an unlikely messenger?

Isn’t it glorious?