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It’s been my experience that when I am thankful, I am happier.

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada.

Since my family is spread out across the country and I wasn’t going to see any of them, I needed to find something to do.

So last Monday, on a whim of an idea I called my friend Sue who lives in Vancouver and said, “Hey, want to meet in Kamloops this weekend?”

And she said yes!

Sue and I in the lobby of the newly renovated Plaza Hotel, Kamloops, BC

Sue and I have been friends since we were neighbours in Chateauguay, Quebec.

We met when I was 18 years old and we traveled out west together in 1983.

She and her boyfriend moved to the mainland and me and my boyfriend went to Kamloops, well Pinantan Lake actually, to help his sister June build a log home.

As the years went by, Sue and her husband also lived up at the lake for about a year and a half and weΒ all lived in Calgary for a time as well.

I stayed here in Calgary and Sue moved back to BC.

We hadn’t seen each other for about 3 or 4 years and the Kamloops trip seemed like a good way to catch up.

A four-hour drive for Sue and an 8-hour drive for me!

So Friday after work I drove out to Golden, BC (about 3 hours) and stayed the night there. I planned to leave for Kamloops the next morning.

Here are some photos from my drive the next day.

Golden, BC

Salmon Arm, BC

I got to Kamloops first so I thought that while I waited for Sue to arrive I would go exploring.

The town had changed since I lived there 22 years ago!

The Grind Coffee Shop

Victoria Ave

They don’t mince words in Kamloops

The next day we drove up to Pinantan Lake, population approx. 500 including dogs and chickens.

We had the distinct pleasure of running into some folks who still lived up there and seeing the house that I helped to build.

This is the house I helped to build.

It was great to catch up with June and her daughter Kimberly as well.

How time flies, I met Kim when she was 4!

Me and June

Me and Kimberly

When we left to go back to Kamloops we stopped at Paul Lake Provincial Park.

In my 20’s I practically lived here in the summer!

Paul Lake, BC

All in all, it was a great trip.

Thank you Sue for agreeing to meet me.

Thank you June and Kimberley for your hospitality.

If you’re Canadian, how did you spend Thanksgiving?

If you’re American, how the heck do you celebrate Columbus Day? πŸ˜‰