A Toothsome Story Game

Remember when you were a kid and a group of you would take turns writing a sentence, folding the paper down and passing it to the next person to write a sentence? Well this is something like that and I think it will produce as hilarious results as this childhood game did. Here’s the story so far:

“Once upon a Toothsome Day, (adollyciousirony)
the light shone on Harry’s  (carol)
 fine threads as he strutted (Bill of Random Thoughts)
 into a movie’s wardrobe truck. (Resa)
 Only to find his pantleg…” (Bill of bwfiction)

To see where it all began and how it works, check out a Toothsome Story Game.

I’ve been tagged by bwfiction to add 5 words to this chain story.

And here are my 5 words:

“anxiously, he looked around for…”

And now I’m sending it off to a wonderful writer of fiction for (hopefully) the next 5 lines. Rendezvous with Renee