I’m not exactly sure when I stumbled upon Kina’s blog Human In Recovery but I’m sure about this: She’s a meticulous writer, refreshingly honest about her journey and kind to the core.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick

In her own words, Kina says:

What you see is what you get. In it’s simplest terms, I’m a human being who has been damaged and done a lot of damage in life and I’m in a process of recovery. I think most people are, whether they admit it or not. At least the part about having been damaged and having caused damage to others. This blog is intended to be my journal as I continue on my journey of recovery…

I can’t write poems but I love reading them. And this one is beautifully written and touched my soul.

Go ahead and visit the link below

and tell her Diana sent you…

Captive by Human In Recovery

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