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And we could feel the heat of a thousand voices telling us which way to go.

And we cried out is there no escape from the words that plague us so. ~ Sarah McLachlan, Drawn to the Rhythm

Recently someone I know was struggling with a decision.

Someone who needed to be reminded that she should listen to her gut, her inner voice.

I’ve been in this place several times – we all have.

We want to do the right thing…

for you

for me

for him

for her

for them.

Maybe we should speak our mind…

or perhaps we should sit back and listen, absorb every word and try to understand.

A thousand voices weigh in…

from a lover

a friend

a child

a parent

Every piece of advice…

well-meaning well-intentioned…

meant for our good, for their good, and coming from a thousand life experiences.

Sometimes the answer seems hard to come by…

it keeps us awake at night…

consumes us in the day.

Have we forgotten to trust our gut, our inner voice?

Do you trust your instinct?

In the end…it is you that has to live with your decision

Go ahead…you know the answer.