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We need each other. All of us. We cannot be alone. ~ Ellen Sussman

I had dinner on Wednesday with some dear friends who will be leaving the country soon.

Our conversation centered on how we in North America are so bought into a certain way of thinking.

It’s more about ‘I’ than ‘us.’

It’s more about taking care of me than it is about needing each other.

We believe we represent the majority in this thinking, but we don’t.

When someone needs another we often see them as weak, lacking clear boundaries or being too co-dependent.

The sad part about this is that deep down I sometimes believe it too.

I feel weak when I need someone.

On some level I buy into the idea that if I don’t need anyone

I can’t be hurt.

By keeping others at an arm’s length I can protect myself.

On another level I know that this thinking is detrimentally wrong.

My heart and spirit need intimacy and the support of others.

As two are better than one, so three or more united together is the better still…

Do you buy into it too?

How do you stay connected?