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I started my blog just over 5 months ago.   I’m so enjoying the challenge of writing and adore reading your posts and learning from you.

But there’s been an unexpected benefit as well. This incredible sense of online community has been a huge blessing.

I have particularly enjoyed all the laughing I end up doing.

Today I want to focus on two people. One is a face-to-face friend who reads my blog and the other is a fellow blogger. Both seem to be afflicted with the same neurotic disorder I have:

Obsessive Compulsive Last Word Disorder. (OCLWD)

I tip my hat to you Sandra and Bill. You are formidable opponents.

Sandra and I communicate mostly by texting when we are not in each other’s company and sometimes even when we are at the same place!  We are self-proclaimed Soul Sistas and we both have a huge love of dancing.

Typical communication between us goes something like this:

Sandra: Hey what are doing Saturday?

Me: No plans, why?

Sandra: Such and such band is playing at Mikey’s!

Me: No way!

Sandra: Yup!

Sandra: Wanna go?

Me: Hell ya!

Sandra: Meet there? Or should I pick you up?

Me: We can meet there! Want to go early and eat there?

Sandra: Yes!!

Sandra: 8? (She’s usually late so I’m planning my day around how I will be there by 8:30)

Me: Sure, see you then!

Sandra: Ok! Ciao xo

Me: Bye! (By this time my thumb muscles spasm – do thumbs have muscles?)

Sandra: Love you!

Me: Love you too!

Sandra:  🙂

Sandra: What’s not to love?


Sandra: Ok bye, I have to cook dinner now.

Me: Ok enjoy your dinner!

Sandra: Thanks I will!

Me: LOL you’re trying to have the last word again right?

Sandra: Nope.


Me: haha

Me: Have a great night!

Sandra: You too!

Me: Ok byeeeeeeeeeeee

Sandra: C ya on Saturday!

Me: LOL OK you can have the last word!

Sandra: thanks! 😉

…you get the picture.


Sometimes I’m amazed at the number of comments I get on my blog. That is until I realize that a large portion of them are between Bill and me. By the way, you can check Bill’s blog out here. I really enjoy his posts and the way he able to say so much with so few words.

Scroll down for some classic examples of OCLWD

Duh! It takes one to know one!

You got me there!

Don’t judge – it’s a disorder!

Maybe I should re-name my blog The Last Word?

Oh my gosh I really am sick! This affliction doesn’t just happen with texting and blogging!

I’m obsessed!

I have to answer every email I get too! I hear that ping on my blackberry that alerts me of new mail and I have to look!

Sometimes I try to hold back, but it’s like an addiction…my heart starts to beat a bit faster

I feel droplets of sweat forming on my temples…

I just have to read the email and answer.

And facebook!

I have to answer every comment

At the very least I have to like every comment

I guess there’s one saving grace…

I’m not a huge fan of talking on the phone…

So y’all can have the last word there…

I seriously entertained the idea of closing my comments on this post so that I could have the last word…

But how would that be any fun?

Ok byyyeeeeeeeeeeee  😉