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We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing.

Growing up comes with its losses. Have you ever thought about the ‘magic’ we’ve given up to grow up?

There are so many things we must do as grown ups.

Work: The bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

Cook: Meals don’t magically appear on the table.

Clean: There is no Insta-wash button for our laundry, bathroom, dishes, windows, floors.

Yard work: The garden gnomes are not going to cut grass and water flowers.

Growing up pops its share of bubbles.

Reality crashes into our lives with all the grace and finesse of a stampede of buffalo.

Although I value my journey, I will not give up everything.

When I pass the park, I will swing on the swing or slide down the slide.

When I see a pop can on the sidewalk, I may kick the can all the way home before recycling it.

I will still make fun of you (lovingly), dance, sing and succumb to fits of laughter.

I may be getting older, but I’ll never grow up – at least not completely.

Don’t be a fuddy duddy – go out and play!