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Is everything as urgent as your stress would imply?- Carrie Latet

I drink coffee. It leaves a funny taste in my mouth.

So I carry mints in my purse just in case I find myself in close proximity and conversation with someone else.

Perhaps you’re thinking I should just cut my coffee intake?

Not gonna happen – I love my coffee!

I was in a dentist’s office, not my dentist, but I could pick this guy out in line up.

The dream was that vivid!

I’m telling him about my bad taste/breath and he takes a sniff.

He says, “Yup you’ve got (Something-or-another-aosis) and I’m going to pull all your teeth out now.”


I don’t think so!

I awoke with a start at 4AM! And I just can’t shake that dream!

A quick check on the internet reveals that:

Losing teeth in your dream often represents anxiety over a decision you’ve made or have to make in your waking life.

What decision?

No clue what it could be.

Great, now that’s stressing me out!

I’ll probably lose my entire head tonight!

Ever lose your teeth in a dream?

What stresses you out?