I love Black and White photos

And this week I really liked this photo on a blog that I have been following

In Perpetuum mobile’s own words:

We sort of see the time that people spend in public transportation like suspended moments in their existences, where action is delayed until their next destination, and all activity is reduced to individual, separate trains of thoughts. However, once in a while, you find yourself in front of the most surprising and candid fragments of life… and in a way, this is what drives us in this quest, the constant looking for something other than ordinary, in one of the most routine and inescapable acts of our everyday life.

Perpetuum mobile captures pictures of passengers, often in B & W photos, that are so beautiful one can almost imagine what they are thinking. In this post, I imagine the man to be thinking about the dreams he gave up ….or happy he’s going home to his family and a delicious meal ….or perhaps about a friend who is going through a rough time…

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