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I’m usually quite reasonable and cool-headed (at least on the outside).

But following is a list of 7 things that ruffle my feathers,

make my blood pressure go up and

make me lose it.

7.  Tardiness

I work hard to show up on time. In fact, I’m usually early. I value my time and the time of others.

My Dad always said being on time is important.

A lesson I took to heart.

So when there are meetings, appointments or social gatherings;

I’m on time. Sure things can come up, emergencies, bad traffic, etc.,

but when someone is consistently late, I just wanna…..

6.  Gossip

Sometimes we need a sounding board. Someone we trust to hear how we plan to handle a difficult situation or person.

Someone who can ask those important questions that reveal our true motives.

Someone we trust to hold the conversation in confidence.

But there is a fine line between this and gossip. And we need to choose our confidants wisely.

I’m pretty sure that if so-and-so wanted me to know about their divorce, their struggles with their kids, or whatever the case may be, they would tell me.

I don’t want someone else’s opinion on the situation.

Because even when I try really hard not to be affected, their opinion sometimes changes the way I view a person – usually for the worse.

5.  Abuse of power

I don’t care if you’re a teacher, boss, landlord, politician, police officer, caregiver, pastor or doctor.

When you abuse or misuse your authority and damage even one vulnerable person you better pray I am not witness to it.

When you hold authority over anyone, you have a higher responsibility to uphold a fair playing field.

That’s all.

4.  Disrespect

I once was invited to speak to an assembly of 700 students at a high school.

I was warned by no less than seven people that these kids were obnoxious and rude.

“‘You know what teenagers are like, right?”

Every teacher was in the gymnasium to make sure that all hell didn’t break loose.

I walked the gauntlet of sympathetic teachers to the front of the gymnasium and stood behind the microphone and said,

“Hey, I know it’s Friday afternoon. I know you’re tired, but if you’ll bear with me, I think you might actually get something out of this. I know I will.”

You could have heard a pin drop during my ‘anti-bullying’ talk.

And it was followed by students wanting to relate their stories and ask questions.

Later a few teachers asked me what the heck my secret was.

I responded, “Simple – I gave them my respect and they gave me theirs..”

3.  Generalizations

“I was in a bad relationship and therefore all men/women are deceitful, selfish, dishonest…”

“A man/woman from (insert country) once ripped me off while I was traveling, therefore everyone from (insert country) are dishonest tourist ripper offers…”

This logic makes me want to rip my hair out!

There are good and bad apples everywhere.

2.  Pat answers

We  all know people who are going through, or have gone through devastating life-changes.

And we feel this incredible pressure to solve it or make it better, don’t we?

Sure, we mean well. But sometimes we just say the stupidest things.

Sometimes people just need you to listen.

They just need you to cry with them and hug them.

They just need you to say that you’re sorry they’re going through a difficult time.

That you will support whatever decision they make and

that you’re there for them if they need you.

1.  Rudeness

I was once on a date. A great date with a lovely person, I thought.

The man sitting across the table from me was so charming, intelligent and funny.

It was only a first date but I found myself thinking, “Hey. Maybe he’s the one.”

When the server came around, this same delightful man turned into an ugly manifestation of everything I despise.

He called our server an idiot and reprimanded him about his lack of knowledge.

Mortified and angry, I left, apologizing to the server on the way out.

Can you relate to this list?

What makes you lose it?