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Being single is not a crime. ~ Fadly Molana

I am single (alone), strong and fiercely independent and for the most part – I am content.

I am healthy. I have awesome friends. I have a family that cares about me.

If I were to be perfectly honest though,

every now and then I am lonely.

I imagine how wonderful it would be

to share my life with someone.

with someone who would:

hold me when I’m sad, or afraid or at my wit’s end;

tell me that everything’s going to be alright;

challenge me, push me, help me to grow;

believe in me when I can’t or won’t believe in myself.

But I know some married people who:

feel lonely in their relationship;

envy me because I am alone;

long for the freedom they imagine I have;

wish, for just once, they had the opportunity to make a decision

based solely on their own needs and desires.

Single or in a relationship

We all feel lonely sometimes

This inspiring video is for all of you who are alone or feel lonely.

What do you think? Does contentment depend on your relationship status?