I first met Louise Gallagher when she and I were working at two different organizations that care for the homeless in Calgary, Alberta.

We did a lot of dreaming and plotting together over wine and cocktails before we ever connected online. Louise is a masterful story-teller and believes in the power of stories. I just happen to agree with her and invite you to read her inspiring story below.

In her own words, Louise explains:

Working at a shelter, it’s easy to make a difference every day. Leaving it, I wondered, how will I make a difference every day? ……And thus, this site was born. A place where everyday I must come and write about what I did that day to make a difference.

The following post illustrates that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done or what’s been done to you. Your story is powerful and by the telling of it, you give others permission to tell theirs.

Go visit the link below and tell her Diana sent you..

We are Powerful enough to make a difference  by A Year of Making a Difference