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It has become alarmingly apparent to me that there are so many geniuses out there who get so little or no recognition at all.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to rectify the situation and point out just a few of these under recognized and under appreciated souls.

Ziggy, as I like to call him, goes virtually unnoticed in his brilliance. It was he who said, “A lot of people quit looking for work as soon as they find a job.”

At first, when I read it, I was unimpressed. And then I got to thinking. You know this guy has a point!

As a matter of fact, I can attest to this in my very own experience. I had been looking for work for several months. I sent in resumes and had a couple of interviews. And you know what? Every single time my efforts did not result in a job – I continued to look for work! I’m being totally serious.

But here’s the thing, when I accepted the job I am presently employed at, I QUIT looking for work. Unbelievable.

The man is brilliant. Pure genius!

Although I am not sure who first coined it, another outstanding and deserving individual said,

“You always find what you’re looking for in the last place you look.”


TA DA!!!

But again, it’s so true. Once when I was planning a trip to the USA, I worked myself into a tizzy looking for my passport.

I like to put important documents in a safe place so that…..well so that they’ll be safe – duh. Anyway…..

I looked in my jewellery box – not there

I looked in my filing system – not there

I looked in every purse I have – not there

I looked in every compartment of every piece of luggage I own – not there!

Finally I looked in the top drawer of my desk – TA DAthere it was!!

Maybe it’s just human nature or there is some other scientific explanation, but without consciously thinking about it, the minute I found it, I stopped looking. Mind boggling I know, but that’s how it went down.

Sayings aren’t the only source where true genius manifests itself. Millions and billions of dollars are being spent every year on important research.

The most prolific and intelligent minds on the planet are employed with this crucial task.

Here are just three of the studies I was able to find online:

Gun-Toting Drivers are More Prone to Road Rage

Really? Why would that be?

WHAT THE….??!!!

So all those times that I’m screaming at the guy who just cut me off hoping that he’s looking in his rear view mirror so he can see my mouth moving on my angry face while I’m wishing I had a gun….so I could…so I could what?

Pass him at a high rate of speed, cut him off, get out of my car and shoot his tires out?

Oh wow, that study might have something to it.

Too Many Meetings Make You Grumpy

I’m sorry, say that again? Too many meetings make you grumpy? That explains all that leg vibrating, pen tapping, eye rolling and audible grunting and sighing I have sometimes been known to do. It all makes sense now!

Somebody shoot me

I have the attention span of a gnat when valuable time is being wasted. You know those meetings when one person makes a statement and then one or two others make the same statement using slightly different words?

This, in itself, wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t each taking 20 minutes and acting like they were addressing the UN.

And just to clarify, I have a hard time sitting still at the best of times. It took me five years of practise to sit through a two-hour meeting with some sense of decorum.

Faraway Objects Are Tougher to See

I like my side view mirror. I like how it’s written right on there that objects are closer than they appear.

Hey, is that one of those new fuel economic vehicles?

Oops, I got off subject there…. I’m not sure I agree with these findings as I use reading glasses. But I guess it makes sense and kinda explains that “You look pretty from far but you’re far from pretty.” thing that boy used to say to me in elementary school.

When something’s far away, you can’t see all the details, right?

From L to R: Bigfoot and Ronnie

You may, for example, mistake a Sumo Wrestler wearing a fur coat in the forest for Bigfoot or…

…worse yet, a bear and shoot him because you’ve just finished a day of back-to-back meetings and some jerk cut you off while you were driving to the woods. And as far as angry goes – on a scale of 1-10 you’re at Bazillion!

So listen – if you are sitting on important information. You need to share it with us immediately.

I beseech you – NO I BEG you to scroll down to the comment section and enlighten us with any wisdom that masterfully states the obvious.

Please note that no legitimate geniuses or researchers were harmed during the writing of this blog.