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I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go

I recently went back to work after having had the privilege of taking a year off.

During my self-imposed sabbatical I was able to focus on some personal goals as well as make some new ‘daytime friends.

I am happier than you can imagine about working and being part of something bigger than myself again.

But now I am having to say goodbye to people who have meant the world to me.

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil, the way you get to the heart of a situation almost instantly and call people to the mat is amazing! If I had a dollar for every time you said…..

“I’ve been at this for 35 years.”

Or “You may be able to pull the wool over (insert name)’s eyes but I know how to conduct an interview.”

Or “You are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem.”

Or “I’ve been at this for 35+ years.” OOPS….. I already said that, but in all fairness, YOU said it a lot too!

…..If I had a dollar for each time you said these things, well…….I could have my own TV show!

All joking aside, I admire and thank you for making all sorts of resources available to all sorts of people – people who many others have given up on.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

Anderson, what can I say? I’d never even heard of you until this past year.

You had me at hello.

You’re so adorable – with that boyish charm and all – I just want to pinch your cheeks!

And getting to know you was fun!

I mean the way that you eat the same meal for months.

Or your fixation with purplish, plaid shirts.

Or the cute way you cut off virtually every guest to whom you ask a question.

And your giggling episodes – hillarious!

Yet, I love and thank you for keeping the conversation going, for getting the important stories out there.

Kelly Rippa

Kelly Rippa surrounded by RCMP

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, if I had half your energy, even one-quarter of it, I would be running every marathon, everywhere!

You’re a spit-fire!

I loved that white ‘bust enhancing dress’ show and your plea with the audience to write you about it.

“They’re darts in my dress, not my nipples –  you can’t even see my nipples when I’m naked! So please don’t send letters about it!”

I love how you are able to laugh at yourself and make your guest co-hosts feel so welcomed.

Thanks for coming to Banff, Alberta (or Albert, as your husband called it) Canada – we loved having you!

I hope you get a chance to use words like ‘togue’ ‘ginch’ ‘chinook winds’ and ‘Ogopogo’ often in future conversations.

Judge Judy

Judge Judy
Hates free-loading losers

Judge Judy.

I’m just gonna say it.

You scare the living day-lights out of me!

You’re probably the main reason I stay on the ‘right side’ of the law.

On the other hand (in the safety of my living room) you gave me countless hours of belly laughs and doses of common sense.

Thank you for that.

The View

Cast from The View

Ladies of The View. Your passion and strong opinions of world issues were a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes your passion and opinions were so LOUD that I couldn’t hear anything any one of you was saying!

I will never forget the ‘Tanning Lady’ episode!

Your hilarious jabs at each other.

You made me think.

You made me cry.

You made me realize how badly I needed to get back on the workforce.

So it is with a bitter/sweet state of mind that I bid you all ‘adieu.’ I’m not sure I would have made it without you. You brought so much joy and laughter to my world. I will miss you all.

What is your favourite daytime show?