I love quotes. I have shared so many quotes with so many annoyed grateful people and have received  much grief encouragement for doing so; including the image below created by a friend on Facebook! So it dawned on me – why not share a quote every Sunday and write a short story to illustrate it? Here’s the first of many Sunday posts from Diana’s Enormous Book of Quotes.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” — Aesop

When my daughter, Michaela was in Kindergarten, I began giving her a small allowance hoping to teach her the value of money and wise spending. Once when we were having lunch at MacDonald’s, Michaela noticed a homeless man drinking coffee and reading the paper in the corner of the restaurant. She asked me if I knew the man. (At the time I was working at a homeless shelter.) I told her I did, that his name was Richard and that he was a quiet and kind man. She continued to ask me questions about him and homeless people in general while we ate. At one point I excused myself, told her to finish her fries, that I needed to use the washroom and would be right back.

When I returned from the washroom she was NOT at the table. In a panic, I scanned the room and found her sitting with Richard. She had taken her allowance and bought Richard a burger, both were smiling and happily engrossed in conversation. When I approached she said, “Oh hi Mommy, I was just telling Richard about you.” She did me proud. Investing in a person is wise spending, no?