If you think this exercise was easy – think again! It’s not that easy to come up with 25 random facts about one’s self. Oh this stunning photo was taken in January of this year in the Dominican Republic – oops I guess that makes it 26 random facts 😉

1.  Once while playing guitar in church, I broke a string and announced “oops my G-string broke.” Well you can imagine the roaring laughter…
2. My first job I made nerve gas detectors for army use…eventually I had to take this off my resume so people would hire me!
3. I don’t like fish, seafood or mushrooms!
4. Back in the day my nick name was crazy Di.  Hey, stop nodding your heads in agreement!
5. When I was 8, I climbed over a farmer’s fence and onto a horse and taught myself to ride. I had envisioned it hundreds of times.
6. I enjoy washing dishes, doing laundry and almost anything physical especially when I am stressed. And no, I don’t want to clean your house!
7.  I used to be a biker but I don’t have any tattoos.
8.  I love water; the ocean, a lake, a river, a stream, in a glass.
9.  I don’t mind travelling alone because I get to meet new people.
10. I am a champion of the underdog.
11. I mean what I say and work hard to be true to myself.
12. I have a bad temper, but most passionate people do. Luckily I’m over it as fast as I flare up.
13.  I believe a good leader builds leaders and empowers others.
14.  If I could start all over I would get into anthropology and/or archaeology.
15.  My life is a long search for freedom, whatever that means – although someone recently asked me if it was just an excuse to avoid committing to anything.
16. I never quite feel like I belong – sometimes that’s difficult.
17.  my happy place (in my mind) is me running through a field of flowers laughing and in awe of creation.
18.  I am not afraid that I will regret the things I have done, but I know I will regret the things I did not do out of fear.
19.  I think I sometimes hide behind humour.
20.  I was bullied in school til grade 9 when I grabbed a bully by her hair and dented a locker with her head.
21. They kept trying to sign me up for non violent intervention at a previous job.
22.  I love the colour red, I’m drawn to it.
23.  I love different people, different cultures, languages, perspectives.
24.  this list was more difficult than I imagined it would be, but to be fair, I am also trying to write a reference letter for someone.
25.  I don’t know what I did to deserve such a beautiful daughter,family and friends.

Ha! that was fun! You should try it! I would love to know at least 1 random fact about you. 🙂