A testament to humanity in a time of crisis. Thanks for writing this one Louise!

Dare Boldly

When C.C., my beloved, left on Monday to drive to Saskatoon, the weather report showed the winter storm north east of his route.

The weather had a different agenda than the weather report.

Two hours out of the city, he ran smack dab into the storm. Visibility dropped to almost zero. Snow blew and drifts collected on the highway in front of him. The road became a skating rink. He slowed down. And slowed down some more.

He wasn’t far from Oyen on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border when the accident happened. Coming around a bend, he spied tail lights in the distance. It wasn’t until he was a couple of hundred metres from the lights that he realized, the lights weren’t moving. Traffic was stopped.

He tried to stop. Touched the brakes lightly. And that was all that was needed. His car began to turn of its own volition, all four…

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